ADLs are the different tasks of everyday life. They include:
Self-care skills- such as
– Eating food independently.
– Dressing-ability to wear and remove shirt, pant shoes etc.
– Grooming-ability to brush teeth, comb hair , wash hands and face etc.
– Bathing and toileting- ability to take a bath independently and also be able to go to the bathroom and be able to avoid accidents.
– Also includes the ability to wash after passing stool, and to be able to communicate his need to go to the toilet when in public.

Home-care skills (Organizing, money management and personal mobility)
– The ability to be able to serve self or make simple snacks for oneself
– The ability to decide which books to take for school and to take them out when needed and to organize them.
– Organize toys in their place.
– Understand the concept of money and handling money.
– Understanding the concept of going to a shop and remembering the way to go to a shop or home.
Work, Leisure and Communication Skills (using a phone, transportation, playing cards, etc.)
– Being able to occupy oneself meaningfully in some constructive activity when free.
– Being able to communicate through speech, signs or pictures the needs or wants.

Our therapy aids children with developmental disabilities or children with autism to function in a more independent manner.