- Enriching lives of special children diagnosed with autism
- Provides OPD services to needy students
- Only school where parents are allowed to
watch their children by watching them on CCTV

We know what we are,
but know not what we
may be

If we can't learn the
way you teach,
teach the way we learn

I am visual thinker not
language-based thinker ,
my brain is like Google images

We know what we are,
but know not what we
may be

If we can't learn the
way you teach,
teach the way we learn

I am visual thinker not
language-based thinker ,
my brain is like Google images

The world from a different perspective.

  • 2013

    Established In

    By visionary parents of a Autistic Child.

  • 2014

    Upgraded In

  • 2015

    Extended In


- At Dawn School, we believe accessibility is a key component to the guidance of the kids -both in and out of the classroom.
- Here are just some of the benefits your kid can enjoy access to by choosing The Dawn School:
- With our school in Munjabawasti, Dhanori, Pune, we have one of the best facilities for children.
- The school campus is equipped with 9 classrooms, sensory garden, sandpit and playing equipments.

- Teachers at The Dawn School understand that children are unique and do not share the same learning style for all.
- Teachers take time to learn the unique strengths and weaknesses of every kid and strive to provide a wide array of methods to implement instruction.
- The children are supported by special educators, therapists.
- With Occupational/ Physio-therapy/ Music / Speech therapies every child is given the best.
- We offer a large range of services for people with autism including Education, Day and Vocational Opportunities, Supported Living, Outreach, Respite and Specialist Transition Support.

- Every kid has different needs. We’ll put the right package together for you.
- We receive financial aid from a variety of sources, we can provide the best facilties for the children.


We are one of the largest provider of autism-specific services in Pune and a leading authority and advocate for good autism practice.

  • We exist to help those diagnosed with autism to lead full and enriched lives and become valuable members of the community they live in.
  • We also seek to share our knowledge and expertise with parents, care takers and other professionals in order to support the development of skills and strategies needed to provide the best care and support for people with autism.

Contact Details

  • +91 9561013284/ 9422539963
  • Survey No. 26, Plot No. 1/1, Road No. 10, Near Mata Mandir, Munjabwasti, Dhanori, Pune 411015.
  • dawnautismschool.org


  • Art / Craft required as per curriculum.
  • Special Education.


Sensory Integration Therapy

Some researchers estimate that eight out of 10 children with autism have problems processing sensory input. The goal of sensory integrative therapy is to improve sensory modulation related to behavior and attention and to increase abilities for social interactions, academic skills, and independence through better SI.

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Play and Recreational Therapy

The goal of Play and Recreational Therapy is to help children become more responsible for behaviors and develop more successful strategies.Develop new and creative solutions to problems.Learn to experience and express emotion.Learn new social skills and relational skills with family.Cultivate empathy and respect for thoughts and feelings of others.

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Group Therapy

The goal of Group Therapy is to help children learn and practice social, emotional, and problem-solving skills in a small group setting. Learn to interact positively with others, communicate effectively and assertively, cooperate in play and work, and resolve conflict while they converse and play with peers. Children will be placed into the group that best fits them.

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Speech & Music Therapy

The goal of Music & Speech Therapy is to provide a non-threatening, safe and enjoyable medium for children to explore and learn new developmental, communication, social, emotional, behavioral, academic, motor, and sensory processing skills.Plus,it also often has the added benefit of calming, soothing, and relaxing the child.

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ADL Training

ADLs are the different tasks of everyday life. The goal of ADL Training is to train the children with Self-care skills, Home-care skills (Organizing, money management and personal mobility). Our therapy aids children with developmental disabilities or children with autism to function in a more independent manner.

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Brain Gym

Brain Gym is a system that uses simple movements to stimulate brain function. That is, it uses quick, easy-to-do developmental movements to wake up the brain without stress or injury.The intention behind the Brain Gym is to stimulate the brain so that the child has equal access to all dimensions of the brain.

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Thank you for your interest in The Dawn School.

Few decisions have the lasting impact on your child as that of school choice.The Dawn School exists today because parents like you found it important to educate their children in a safe, secure environment that instills values, helps develop character, and cultivates wisdom manifested through academic excellence.

The curriculum and classroom instruction is focused on individual student and developing strength of character.We hope that you will find the information on this site to be helpful. We would enjoy the opportunity if we can provide you with more information on why it is great to be a part of The Dawn School, feel free to contact us and we will reach out to you.

- Child is under observation for 1 week and then admission procedure is carried out.

- IEP of the students is carried out and each student is assessed once in 3 months.

Quick Facts

- Established in July-13 by visionary parents of a Autistic Child.

- Enriching lives of Special Children diagnosed with Autism, Celebral Palsy, ADHD, Learning Disability, Down Syndrome, Mentally Retarded.

- Centre also provides OPD Services to needy students.

- Number of Students 18.

- Number of Classrooms 9.

- 1:1 Student-Faculty ratio.

What are you waiting for?

If you’ve been putting your kid's ambitions on hold, stop waiting. All they need is the right guidance and people who believe in them—to help them reach their goals.

Are you ready for next step? At every step along the way, we’ll be right there to support you and your kid.

The academic goal at The Dawn School is to provide the best tools for each kid to learn, perform activities, and undergo therapies.Kids are strongly encouraged to be diligent in both their faith and interest.Faculty partner with parents to further facilitate their kid.

Pre Primary - 3 to 7 years

- The pre-primary school provides a nurturing learning environment for children ages 3 years through 7 years of age.

- Every child is given the opportunity to flourish developmentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. All of our loving staff members have training in Early Childhood Education. We promote curiosity and creativity, while building our young learner’s self esteem.

Primary ( Academic ) - 7 to 14 years

- While the main goal of the primary school is to create a loving environment that stimulates learning.

- Faculty builds a curriculum that provide a strong foundation in activities like Swimming, Music, Visiting sensory garden and therapies. - The school team works together to identify individual student needs and abilities, then develops strategies to address those needs effectively.

Prevocational - above 14 years

- At The Dawn School, the prevocational team focuses on walking with students and parents through these transitional years.

- Our desire is to help students focus on their interests and talents, to help them grow and mature.

Welcome to Dawn School!

- As a parent, guardian, or family member of the kid, you are an important member of our school community. We always welcome your feedback and ideas and of course, want to know right away if you have any concerns.

- Through the admission process, we realize that you may have questions. If that's the case, we are happy to meet with you at your convenience.

Do you know someone who is interested in getting admission? Refer that friend to Dawn School.

- We hope that the below list of questions and answers is helpful. - You might have other, more specific, questions, and we encourage you to be in touch with our school. - There are many ways to contact us and we look forward in hearing from you.

Research Programme

Our own programme of research gathers evidence for effective practice from within our services. A team of practitioner-researchers draw on the experiences of our staff, service-users and their families to generate evidence-informed resources for the improvement of practice. Current topics include Voice, Communication and User-Participation in Autism Services and Friendships, Relationships and Sexuality among people with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Practitioner Research Programme

Night Out Programme

Here the child is without their parents and supposed to stay alone with the other children a crucial observation is been done so as to assess the behavior of the child.


All festivals are celebrated so as to make them to socially interact and understand its importance viz Holi, Pola, Dahi Handi.

World Autism Day

Every year on Oct 4th, we organise sports competition among children which energizes and enlightens the physical activities in the children.


Once in year - School children are taken for a picnic to the nearby resorts.

Bal Kalyan

Every friday we take our children to Bal Kalyan Sanstha wherein the children are exposed to various activities like Swimming, Music, Visiting sensory garden etc.

Inter school

The school participates in all inter school programmes for dance/swimming and all other competitions.



Our student Skandan Deshmukh has won 3rd prize in 25 mtrs swimming free style held at rotary club on 25th January 2015. Recreational Therapy for CP
Our student Muskan Shaikh has won 2nd prize in 50 mtrs swimming held on 15th February 2015. Recreational Therapy for CP
Our students Skandan Desmukh and Omkar Mane have won the Nachre Mora Competition held on 30th January 2015. Recreational Therapy for CP
Our School has been awarded Pune Mayor Award for Special Children in Ball Throwing and 15 meter running. Recreational Therapy for CP
Our student Muskan Shaikh has won 2nd prize in 50 mtrs swimming held at rotary club on 6th September 2015. Recreational Therapy for CP
Our student Omkar Mane has won in swimming competition held at rotary club on 6th September 2015. Recreational Therapy for CP


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